Your ultimate guide to the best wedding venues in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.
Julie and Sean celebrating their wedding at a venue in Charlotte North Carolina

Couples looking for a wedding venue in Charlotte North Carolina have numerous options.

From rustic barns to industrial uptown warehouses to timeless mansion venues.

With all these amazing Charlotte Wedding Venue options it’s no surprise that Charlotte North Carolina has become a preferred wedding destination.

How should couples proceed with selecting the best place to get married in Charlotte North Carolina?

Here are a few tips from North Carolina’s top wedding planners.

Romantic wedding at a venue in Charlotte
01. Determine what Vibe you are trying to achieve

Determine the overall vibe you are going for and the experience you would like your guests to have. Remember, to make the experience complete, your venue, food selections, décor, bar and timeline should all reflect a consist feel and theme. Typically, a very casual BBQ dinner would not complement a elegant venue, but would go well at a brewery.

Outdoor wedding venue in Charlotte NC
02. Dreaming of an outdoor wedding?

If an outdoor wedding is your passion, remember to consider what your guests are experiencing. Be cognizant of the typical temperature during the time of year and any pest you may need to content with. Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but guests will not enjoy the experience if they are freezing, drenched in sweat, or getting eaten alive by bugs.

A happy couple at a luxurious wedding venue in Charlotte
03. Have a solid Inclement weather plan

In complement to #2, Determine a inclement weather plan before you need it. Several of the most popular venues in Charlotte include a rain plan with an alternate space in case of bad weather. Separk Mansion located near Charlotte NC listed below is one of our favorite venues with a built-in weather plan.

All-inclusive Charlotte wedding venue
04. To save your time and energy, consider venues with an all-inclusive wedding package.

Determine which type of venue model you prefer. Do you prefer to rent the venue space and work to select and vet all of your vendors and suppliers or would you prefer a wedding package that provides most or all of the items and services for your wedding? Many of the best places to get married in Charlotte offer all-inclusive wedding packages.

A bride getting ready for her wedding
05. Have a Getting Ready Space for you and your significant other.

We recommend selecting a getting ready space with plenty of space, a full-length mirror, and natural light. Make sure to pack everything you need the night before to reduce stress on your wedding day.

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Our answers to your top wedding venue questions.

Keep reading for our top tips on choosing the best wedding venue in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What is the average cost of a wedding in Charlotte NC?

The cost of a wedding in North Carolina varies widely depending on the venue, attire, entertainment, food, number of guests, flower arrangements, etc. All in all, a typical wedding in Charlotte costs around $30,000 on average. Be sure to check out our blog for our best budgeting tips!

What is the average cost of a wedding venue in North Carolina?

Venue rental typically accounts for a significant percentage of the total wedding cost. The cost of renting a venue in the Charlotte area currently ranges from about $7,500 to $9,000. This number varies depending on the time of year and what’s included in the venue package.

What's the average cost of all-inclusive packages at Charlotte wedding venues?

A few wedding venues in Charlotte, such as Separk Mansion, offer all-inclusive wedding packages. These packages are appealing because they help ease the stress and chaos of coordinating with multiple different vendors. On average, all-inclusive wedding packages in Charlotte range from about $16,000 to $25,000.

When's the best time to have a wedding in Charlotte?

The best time of year for a wedding in Charlotte is either the Spring (March, April, May) or Fall (September, October, November). During these months, the weather is beautiful – not too hot or cold – and many seasonal flowers are in full bloom.

How far in advance should I book the wedding venue?

It’s best to book your wedding venue about 12 months in advance. In other words, as soon as possible! Booking far in advance helps ensure that you’ll be able to wed at your dream venue.