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5 Things You Definitely Don’t Need for Your Wedding

It seems like every time you turn around, there are people telling you more things you need to get for your wedding day.  Now that I’m engaged, the targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram really get me.  Suddenly I feel like my wedding is going from simple to a three...

Don’t Forget to Add These 5 Things to Your  Wedding Day Timeline!

Don’t Forget to Add These 5 Things to Your Wedding Day Timeline!

Let’s face it, wedding days are crazy! There’s so much to do in such a short amount of time. Not to mention, as women we tend to put ourselves last- even if it’s our special day! Here’s our list of five things you should really make time for. We promise it will make...

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The historic and timeless Separk Mansion wedding venue

Separk Mansion

Timeless and romantic wedding venue at a historic mansion in Charlotte

The Ivy Place wedding venue in Charlotte

The Ivy Place

A beautiful wedding and event venue nestled on 33 acres with barns, ponds, fields, and gardens

The Mint Museum Uptown

The Mint Museum

For a metropolitan chic ambiance, look no further than the Mint Museum Uptown in Charlotte’s city center